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The Evolution of Eyelash Extensions: From Ancient Civilisations to Modern Leeds

Eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty treatment in recent years, but their origins trace back centuries. In this blog post, we’ll explore the fascinating history of eyelash enhancements, from ancient civilisations to modern-day Leeds, highlighting significant milestones along the way.

Ancient Beginnings: The Origins of Eyelash Enhancements

The desire to enhance eyelashes dates back to ancient civilisations. The Ancient Egyptians were among the first to use various substances to darken and lengthen their lashes. Both men and women used kohl, a mixture of lead sulphide and other ingredients, to create dramatic eye looks. This practice was not only a beauty statement but also believed to protect against evil spirits and improve eyesight.

In Ancient Rome, long eyelashes were a sign of chastity and moral integrity. Women used burnt cork and soot to create a dark, full-lash appearance. Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, documented the use of these materials in his writings.

The Renaissance: Beauty Ideals and Eyelash Trends

During the Renaissance period, the focus on beauty and cosmetics flourished. European women sought to achieve a wide-eyed, innocent look, often plucking their natural eyelashes to create a smooth canvas. This trend, however, was short-lived as it became apparent that eyelashes served a protective function for the eyes.

The 19th Century: The Birth of Modern Eyelash Enhancements

The late 19th and early 20th centuries saw significant advancements in eyelash enhancement techniques. In 1911, Canadian Anna Taylor patented the first artificial eyelash strip. This invention marked the beginning of modern eyelash extensions as we know them today.

During the 1920s and 1930s, false eyelashes gained popularity in Hollywood. Stars like Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo sported lush lashes, setting beauty trends that women across the world emulated. The materials used for these early false lashes included human hair and synthetic fibres, applied with adhesives.

The Late 20th Century: Technological Advancements

The 1980s and 1990s brought about significant improvements in the materials and application techniques for eyelash extensions. Japanese beauty experts introduced semi-permanent eyelash extensions, which used synthetic fibres attached to individual natural lashes with a specialised adhesive. This method provided a more natural look and longer-lasting results compared to traditional false eyelashes.

Modern Day Leeds: The Lash Revolution

Today, eyelash extensions have become a mainstream beauty treatment, with countless options available to suit individual preferences and styles. In Leeds, Ultra Beauty Leeds, led by Paulina Zielinska, offers state-of-the-art eyelash extensions and treatments. With years of experience and a passion for lash artistry, Paulina and her team provide bespoke lash designs tailored to each client’s unique features.

Why Choose Ultra Beauty Leeds?

  • Expertise: With over a decade of experience, Paulina has mastered all lash techniques and is recognised as a top London Lash trainer.

  • Personalised Service: Every client receives a customised lash design that complements their natural features and personal style.

  • High-Quality Products: Ultra Beauty Leeds uses only the finest materials and adhesives to ensure the health and longevity of your lashes.

  • Training and Education: Paulina also offers comprehensive lash training courses for beginners and advanced students, sharing her knowledge and passion for lash artistry.

The Future of Eyelash Extensions

The eyelash extension industry continues to evolve, with new techniques and trends emerging regularly. Innovations such as magnetic lashes, lash lifts, and hybrid extensions offer even more options for those looking to enhance their lashes. Sustainability is also becoming a focus, with eco-friendly products and practices gaining popularity.


From the ancient Egyptians to modern-day Leeds, the desire to enhance eyelashes has a rich and varied history. At Ultra Beauty Leeds, we honour this tradition by providing top-notch eyelash extensions and training services. Whether you’re looking for a natural enhancement or a dramatic transformation, our expert team is here to help you achieve your perfect look.

Visit Ultra Beauty Leeds today to experience the art and science of eyelash extensions. Book your appointment or sign up for a training course to start your journey in the exciting world of lash artistry.

Find Us: Ultra Beauty 43a Cross Green Lane LS9 8Lj Leeds, United Kingdom 07447197463

Thank you for choosing Ultra Beauty Leeds – where lash dreams come true!

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