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Mastering Lash Artistry: The Essence of Direction in Lash Extensions

Before we embark on the enchanting journey of lash extension direction and its myriad nuances, let us begin by unravelling the poetic essence of "Styling."

In the realm of lash extensions, Styling is the very artistry that balances the canvas of eye shape, size, and proportion. It's a symphony that orchestrates the sublime "perfect almond eye" and conceals any imperfections or disparities. Styling isn't merely the act of mapping or assigning lengths arbitrarily. Nay, it is a trinity that includes Effect, Direction, and Curl. To master styling, one must harmonize these three elements. Take away one, and the harmony is disrupted; take away two, and the masterpiece is incomplete. 🤯🤯

Now, let us embark on a quest to unveil the diverse tapestry of direction in lash extension styling:


  • Inner 0° / Middle 90° / Outer 180°

This direction, akin to the warm embrace of the sun, bestows the illusion of larger eyes. It delicately contours the eye, extending its grace to the corners, and lends a delightful fluffiness to volume sets. But heed this counsel – for, as the outer corner lashes dance at an approximate 180° angle to the eyelid, they may lure the corners downwards. Thus, it's a path less trodden for classic lashes, for it may dilute the density and create an airier, more natural allure.


  • Inner 90° / Middle 90° / Outer 180°

This direction, akin to a feline's seductive gaze, accentuates the cat-eye effect with extended lashes. It unfurls the outer allure, casting a dramatic spell. However, beware the downward descent of the outer corners – for this path is best suited for the upturned gaze, but unkind to the downturned. And if nature's lashes tend to dip southwards, it's best to abstain from this direction's embrace.


  • Inner 0° / Middle 90° / Outer 90°

This direction, like a magnetic pull, draws the eyes closer. It's the muse of wide-set eyes, ushering them into harmonious proximity. It's also a saviour for those who yearn for lashes in the inner alcoves or whose lashes are the quiet recluses of the outer world.


  • Inner 90° / Middle 90° / Outer 90°

This direction, the classic path, bestows upon the lash set an opulent density and a lustrous top line. It's the dependable foundation for various styling preferences, a steadfast companion in the world of lash extensions.

About Yours Truly: Permit me to introduce myself, I am Paulina Zielinska, your London Lash trainer nestled in the heart of Leeds. My odyssey in the realm of lash artistry commenced in 2015. In under four swift years, I navigated the labyrinth of techniques and emerged as a lash educator. My mission is to bequeath the treasure trove of wisdom and expertise to my pupils. I don the mantle of a mentor with pride, treating each student as a unique canvas, ready to be painted with the hues of knowledge.

My academy isn't merely a place of learning; it's a sanctuary where confidence is nurtured, and careers take flight in one of the most enchanting spheres of the beauty industry.

Lash extensions, to me, are a canvas where art meets passion. They are a symphony, a vital chord in the opus of my life. During our courses, I am not just an instructor; I am a conduit of energy, a guide to your artistic journey.

I am humbled to have earned the esteemed title of the TOP London lash trainer, a recognition bestowed upon me by my peers. I've triumphed in numerous competitions, both on British soil and beyond, a testament to my unwavering commitment to honing my qualifications for the betterment of my cherished students!

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