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Essential Lash Care Tips - Keeping Your Lashes Perfect

After getting your lashes done at Ultra Beauty, it's crucial to give them the right care to maintain their beauty and longevity. Here are some essential tips:

  • Avoid Water for 24 Hours: Keep your lashes dry for at least 24 hours post-application. This allows the glue to settle and set properly.

  • Steer Clear of Steam: For 48 hours, avoid environments with steam, such as sunbeds, saunas, and hot showers.

  • Cotton-Free Zone: Using cotton pads around your lashes is a no-no. Cotton fibers can get stuck in the lashes.

  • Sleeping Position Matters: Don’t sleep with your face pressed into the pillow. Bonus tip: Use a silk pillowcase for your skin and lashes!

  • Lash Hygiene: Wash your lashes daily with a lash shampoo to remove grease, sebum, and serum.

  • Say No to Mascara: Applying mascara to your extensions is not advised. It’s difficult to remove and can clump your extensions together.

  • Oil-Free Products: Use oil-free products around your eyes. Oils can dissolve the lash glue.

  • Avoid Lash Curlers: Lash curlers can damage your extensions. If you desire more curl, we can adjust this in your next appointment.

  • Hands-Off: Avoid touching, rubbing, or rolling your extensions. It’s best not to touch them with your fingers.

  • Regular Appointments: Come in every 2-3 weeks to maintain your lashes.

Preparing for Your Lash Appointment

To ensure the best possible experience at Ultra Beauty, here's how you can prepare:

  • Punctuality: Be on time. Arriving too early or late can disrupt schedules and add stress.

  • Avoid Caffeine: It can make it hard to relax and cause twitchy eyes.

  • Bathroom Breaks: Use the bathroom before your appointment to avoid interruptions.

  • Makeup-Free: Arrive without eye makeup to save time on cleaning.

Our Glue: Safe and Certified

We use only the best, medically approved, and certified products at Ultra Beauty. Our glue is top-notch, and a patch test is compulsory. We proudly use London Lash Pro, an award-winning brand known for its quality.

Lash Styles Customized for You

At Ultra Beauty, we’re not just lash technicians; we’re lash styling experts. We can create any style you desire, ensuring it's safe and suited to your eye shape. Whether you want a dolly look, cat eye, fox eye, or Kim K style, we've got you covered. We're here to embark on this lash journey with you!

Visit Us at Ultra Beauty

Address: 43a Cross Green Lane, LS9 8Lj, Leeds, United Kingdom

Phone: 07447197463

Join us at Ultra Beauty for an unparalleled lash experience where quality and style meet!

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